Local Fruits


on September 26, 2016

Bananas are the king of mood-boosting super foods, offering a rapid u-turn of mood from road of sadness and depression to happiness. Depression is a result of chemical imbalances in human body. When your body and brain experience feelings of excessive sadness, guilt and depression, the production of neurochemicals start to decline.

The happy hormones (Serotonin and Dopamine) decrease along with norepinephrine. Now, on the flip side reduction of these neurochemicals could lead to inexplicable depression symptoms. The antidepressant effects of bananas most likely come from its dopamine, tryptophan and high vitamin B6 levels. Although serotonin present in

banana can’t cross the blood-brain barrier but it can help boosting mood indirectly by providing enough tryptophan, an amino acid that helps bodies make serotonin.It also helps eliminate the symptoms of depression like insomnia. B vitamins benefits combined with the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin helps improve mood and

overall feelings of well-being. A Rodale News article quotes “Keeping your B vitamin intake up could ward off depression as you age. When you combine food sources of B vitamins with the added boost of supplements, the positive effects on depression are more pronounced.” The dopamine received from banana aids to concentrate more

and achieve emotional stability. One banana contains up to 10mg of dopamine in the pulp which promotes good mood. For adults aged 19 to 50 is 1.3 mg of dopamine is necessary daily. One medium banana alone can serve you about 1 of 5th percent of dopamine you need to have for a day.252

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So make banana a permanent member of your fruit basket and buy a dozen of happiness from us and still if you think that bananas are for monkeys only, I suggest you think again.