Local Fruits


on October 4, 2016

Everyone wishes to live long and the good news is that science has unlocked the secret of longevity and it certainly is in the reach of every man. There are some compounds and chemicals that lessen the chances of our cells dying, hence extending the life cycle. The compound that helps our body indirectly to reproduce cells, repair

damaged cells and boost our immune system is called Resveratrol. This compound is found in high levels in people who have crossed the age of 100 years. Grapes are a favorite fruit of everyone and its green color is soothing to eyes as well. Red grapes are also loved by people of every age group because of their catchy color and

exotic taste. It is available in market in summers. Science has proved that eating grapes can promote longevity by giving our body Resveratrol. It is claimed to affect the lifespan of humans, animals and bacteria as well. This secret of long life is hidden in skin of grapes in high quantity but it is also found in seeds and flesh of

grapes as well. It is proved that Resveratrol activates a group of genes that are directly linked to longevity. SIRT1, Fox0s are the genes that provide us with long life when activated by resveratrol. SIRT1is believed to ensure cells longevity and promotes cell survival. Fox0s plays an important role in cellular responses of cell

death, cell cycle reset, repair of damaged DNA and getting rid of chemicals that promote cell aging process. Apart from longevity, grapes help us to control the calorie level of our body. It maintains the calorie level while assuring that our body receives the perfect nutrition and nourishment. It has been proved by researches that

maintaining the perfect calorie level can increases lifespan up to 40% over the average lifespan.305

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The mystery of aging has been solved now and the solution is just an order away. We recommend you to have one cup of 32 red or green grapes everyday to maintain your calorie level and a healthy long lifestyle too.